About me

Hello, I'm Karisha.
I live in Ukraine and have been modeling since I was 11.
I am still in school and will be attending the University next year. I also plan to use this website to launch my professional modeling career. I invite all of you to Share My Journey into my professional life. I love life so much and I will share all this with all of you. Please join my website and help me achieve my goals and dreams. I'm so excited about my new website.


Instability in Ukraine

I stand corrected. Karisha very much wants to continue with the website but the extreme instability in Ukraine is causing many problems.

For Karisha to model for the website, I send her the money and she schedules the shoots. For now, the local banks are not transferring money from sources like Western Union. I have some other options to pursue and we will keep you updated.

My previous statement about our commitment to our members still is in force. Of course this means less money for Karisha.

If you want to help her and her finances, you can still “Donate” to her through the website. All funds that are donated, are only for Karisha. Any misc. charges are paid for by the website, so your entire Donation or gift will be available to her. If the funds cannot be delivered immediately, they will be as soon as possible. I set up this Donation feature from the beginning, separate from the membership fee.

Until now, the Donations have been sparse, although in the last week, we have seen an increase in the donations. We thank each and every one of you for your continued support of Karisha.

We do not know how long this problem will exist, but we are committed to helping Karisha in every way possible.

Thank you :)

We are still here

And we are still here but Karisha is having major school issues.

The hardest part of all this is to apologize so this is what I believe will be the best way to take care of our members. When Karisha fails to post for a week, all active members will get an extra week free. If she misses two weeks as she just did, then your memberships will be extended two weeks, and so on. I thought Karisha and I had a game plan for this past weekend but she is barely accessible now. This way we do not have to try and post multiple sets at once. This would tie up too much time and Karisha would eventually not be able to catch up. By extending your membership for a week, we can simply pick up where we left off and everyone will still get the correct number of photo sets or other postings that was paid for.

We are currently trying to line up an indoor pool for at least 3 Photo Sets and our first Video. So when we do get content, it should be very well received.

And again, I do sincerely apologize for this inconvenience but Karisha is now under strict orders from her mom to focus primarily on her studies. She is allowed to continue with the website and has expressed the desire to continue, so the site will remain open.

Another point I want to make (this is about the language not the government). My desire was to have the Russian version of our website open at the same time as the English version. This did not happen, not even close. When it is necessary to rely on others, things happen. Our current translator is from Sevastopol, and she says the internet access is sketchy at best now. That little Putin guy seems to be stirring up a big mess. Everything is now ready accept the “Terms of Use” document. We hope to have this version online very soon. I have said this before, but we are close.

When the Russian version is online, all members will have access to both. The content will be the same, only the text will be different. For those of you that joined for the Russian version, soon:) Once it is online, check it out and let us know if you find any mistakes.

Thank you.


Apologies for this week

Karisha apologizes for this week. She was unable to complete a photo album. Her VK.com page was deleted due to ongoing school issues. She is still with us and agrees to have work ready for this coming weekend. Some of you have asked for a different style of content:) If we get the location we want this week, all will be pleased!

We are dedicated to our members, therefore all members will get an extra week and we will make up the missing photo set from this past weekend. This is our commitment to all of you.

Thank you.

New Photographer

Karina has hired another photographer for a few photo shoots.

She previously worked with Karina this past summer and the results were top notch.

We are excited to see her upcoming new work.

Album Name Changes

Hello, Karisha has decided that the Photo Album names are to bland, so we are changing the names to something a little more enticing. The Albums themselves are not changing, only the Titles :)

Русская версия

Наша Русская версия сайта откроется скоро

Album # 13 = Breakfast

Team Karisha apologizes for the delay.

Album # 13 is now online :)

Thank you!

Photo Sets

I want to let you know that new photo sets will officially be released on Saturdays, but when possible I will still release on Friday nights. This will help us with Karisha's school schedule. Thank you :)

Team Karisha Proudly Presents Karisha

Karisha is fantastically beautiful and desires to become a top fashion model. Through our website, Karisha has decided to allow you to Share her Journey as she enters her Professional Life and becomes a Top Rated Fashion Model. We give you this rare opportunity to interact with Karisha and follow her on this Journey.


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